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Please see below and media release from the Department of Health and Human Services regarding a cyber health incident.

For community clients, patients and visitors it is currently business as usual.

There may be some delays in service, so your patience and understanding is appreciated.

Staff email is down at the moment but our phone system is still working.

We'll keep you posted as updates are available.

Orbost Regional Health provides acute, urgent care, medical, surgical and specialist services.

Boasting a staggering array of community health, welfare and aged care services, Orbost Regional Health strives to meet the community needs utilising a flexible funding model. Service delivery is enhanced through partnership arrangements that enable a service delivery system to an area covering one million hectares across Far East Gippsland.

At Orbost Regional Health we are proud that this innovative Multi Purpose Service has the capacity to embrace a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. We provide not only the Acute and Aged Care facilities, for which we are well known, but also many other services to maintain the physical and mental well being of the community.

Through regular community consultation we are able to provide the services the community deems most important. For example Dental, Youth and Women's Health services are a few of the services implemented due to community requests.