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Are You Prepared for Extreme Heat?

The Australian summer is no joke.

For many people, particularly the elderly or those with health conditions, it can be a dangerous time.

It is important that you know the effects of extreme heat, who is at risk and how you can prepare yourself and others.

During extreme heat it is easy to become dehydrated or for your body to overheat.

If this happens, you may develop heat cramps, heat exhaustion or even heatstroke.

Heatstroke is a medical emergency which can result in permanent damage to your vital organs, or even death, if not treated immediately.

Extreme heat can also make existing medical conditions worse. 

Please take a moment to download this Heat Health Factsheet.

It has simple tips and things you can do to protect yourself and others during hot days.

Would you know how to spot if someone was suffering from heat-related illness?

What you do if a friend or family member was experiencing cramps or muscle spasms?

Do you know what to do with important medicines on very hot days?

Take 5 minutes to learn a little about the dangers of extreme heat, and what you can do to help protect those around you.

Download the Heat Health Factsheet now.