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Community Garden

Snowy Growers Community Garden

The Snowy Growers Community Garden is a community owned and operated garden in Orbost, for all people in the lower Snowy River catchment and beyond.

The Garden aims to create opportunities for the people of Orbost and the surrounding districts to work together to grow food for themselves and their community. We want people to have fun, to meet new people, and to eat more good, fresh, healthy food. We know that a lot of people in and around Orbost have a lot of experience in growing food; the Garden is a place where they can come together to share their skills and experience, and to make Orbost a stronger, healthier, and more resilient place to live. The Garden is run on the principle that everyone who wants to be a part of it can be.

There are many ways to become a part of the Garden.

Individuals and Groups can have their own beds, for growing vegetables, flowers, or whatever they like.

If you don’t want your own bed, you can help look after the Public Bed and other common areas of the Garden. There are lots of different ways to be involved, depending on your availability and your interest. You can help out when you’re just passing by, or come every month; you can do the jobs you know how to do, or you can learn new things. You don’t have to be a gardener to get involved either: you can help us find resources or advertise events, or suggest ways to prepare the produce in the beds.

Day-to-day management of the Garden is done by the Working Group Co-ordinators.

These are important roles in the running of the Garden and can give you an opportunity to really have a say in what it is like. We always need more keen WGCs!

The Garden is a space for education as well as growing food. Local community members are encouraged to share their skills at workshops. Topics could range from making compost to interpreting your water bill to building a retaining wall. Occasionally workshops will be organised with ‘experts’ from out of town. Anyone is welcome to attend workshops.

And of course, community members are always welcome to use the Garden as a public space, for picnics, recreation, or just to sit down in the sun! Occasionally there will be special events in the Garden, like a movie night or a meal, to which the whole community is invited.

Contact main reception to find out more 5154 6666.