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Social Work and Counselling

Social Worker

The Social Workers provide a range of services for the individual or family groups, including social assessment, supporting social functioning, social care planning, promoting financial security counselling and social communication skills.

Counselling Services

Working in conjunction with other support staff, counselling and psychology services are available when usual coping methods are not working and where a more intensive, therapeutic counselling or psychological focus is required. This counselling is often undertaken in consultation with your primary health professional or GP.

The Counselling Unit is able to offer a range of educational, supportive and preventative services for families. Managing difficult relationship issues or behavioural problems is often confusing and difficult, and family counselling can help to develop cooperation and support between family members. Areas covered by the counsellors include: Drug & Alcohol, Gambling; Family Violence; Behaviour Problems; Depression or Anxiety; Outreach services - which are regularly provided to outlying communities.